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An adapted parking area and platform will be available on the festival site for people with reduced mobility, but you MUST reserve your place free of charge. 



  • The parking lot for people with reduced mobility is located near the entrance to the site, at the corner of Avenue Murdoch and Chemin de la Grande Place. 

  • It is required to arrive at the parking lot before 8 p.m., otherwise the parking space will be assigned to someone else. 

  • The parking lot will also serve as a drop-off point for people with reduced mobility. 

  • To access the parking lot for the mobility-impaired, you must reserve it HERE

  • You will need to show your (electronic) parking ticket to access it. 

Adapted platform 

  • An adapted platform and an adapted path to get there will be set up on the main festival site. 

  • The platform will be supervised at all times.

  • The accompanying person will be allowed on the platform, and chairs will be available for them. 

  • ( Electronic ) parking tickets must be presented at the entrance to the adapted platform in order to  access it. 

Accompanying party

  • The accompanying person will have free access to the festival on presentation of the disabled person's Accès Loisir card. 

Stationnement Mobilité réduite (1).png

Festival access

  • People with reduced mobility and their accompanying person can enter the festival via the VIP entrance. Afterwards, it will be possible to use an adapted path to get to the adapted platform.

  • (Electronic) parking tickets must be presented at the VIP entrance to access the festival via this entrance. 


  • Des toilettes adaptées seront disponibles au bloc sanitaire permanent du site. 

  • D’autres toilettes adaptées seront disponibles aux toilettes temporaires du festival. 

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