Pyromusical fireworks


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In our hectic daily lives, Emojis have become more than just smileys! 😃

These small pictograms, naive but colorful and more numerous than ever, now invade our messages. This new language, which is now open to us, allows us to express our most intimate emotions.

Fireworks✨, just like the Emojis, fascinate young and old and have the ability to bring people from all horizon of life together. Happiness 😃, Fear 😱, Love , Sadness 😪, Anger 😡, Party 🥳 and even humour💩 LOL, will be imaged, translated into music in an innovative pyrotechnic effects. 👍 We could even find some surprises!

Our new pyromusical creation EMOJIS invites you to live all this panoply of emotions, in a fun and dynamic way in a unique, festive and trendy atmosphere.