Taking eco-responsible initiatives, it’s our job!
We have taken the following initiatives over the last three years in order to become an eco-responsible event:

Objective: Encourage the use of public transportation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Shuttle Service

Schedules and details

Three city buses will offer free shuttle service between the site of Osisko en lumière and the three following places : Jacques-Laperrière Arena, La Source School and College of Rouyn-Noranda.

Objective: Reduce waste and natural resource consumption.


Advertising billboards along Lake Osisko as well as road signs have been designed to be reused for a period of three years. Only a few small modifications will be required.


The Festival Corporation has acquired 10 recycling boxes, with generous assistance from Agnico-Eagle, to facilitate recycling on-site. Recycling facilities are also available backstage. 


In order to reduce paper use, the Event Corporation has been encouraging festival-goers to use the event’s internet site for all their information needs, including programming.

Objective: Increase the event’s positive impact by supporting local and regional business. 

Regional and Local Expertise

With the goal of promoting regional development, the Event Corporation gives equal priority to local and regional business for all event-related activities.

Questions / comments

If you have ideas on how we could do more to promote eco-responsibility, get in touch with us.