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August 7 passport ▲ Alaclair Ensemble AVAILABLE
August 8 passport ▲ TALK - Jonathan Roy AVAILABLE
August 10 passport ▲ LagwagonAVAILABLE 
VIP Breton Thibault Passport ▲ August 7 to 10 ➜ SOLD-OUT
Westwood (4 days) Passport ▲ August 7 to 10 ➜ SOLD-OUT

No day tickets for August 9 will be on sale now or later.

Daily Passports (august 7,8 and 10) are still available ! 

Basic ticketing conditions :

  • No refund, including but not limited to : weather, cancellation, partial or full

  • Free entry for 10 years old and less

  • Wristbands will be validated at the entrance

  • Bracelets should not have more space than the equivalent of a finger thickness

  • « Passeport Weekend » snd « Passeport Weekend VIP » wristbands must be worn throughout the whole event.  For any exceptions, please contact us before the event.


  • No VIP privileges are applicable on Wednesday August 7th, your VIP passport is a regular passport for that evening;

  • Children of all ages must have a VIP passport to access the VIP area

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